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I’m Kara, a multi-passionate creative – Art Director, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer, Product Photographer & Graphic Design Educator. I love all things design and have been exploring this industry for over a decade. There’s always a new treasure to find and something new to learn. Scroll down for a snapshot of what I love to do and jump in where it seems interesting to you! There’s something for everyone.

Art Director

Currently Art Director of a family-owned Australian skin care company. I work with a wonderful team to create great campaigns and beautiful imagery to communicate the core values of the brand. My career has been mostly in-house, so I’ve been involved in every imaginable aspect of marketing and design, and I love it all. Over the years this has included campaign concepts & strategy, off-site photoshoots, product photography, website migration from Magento to Shopify, rebrands and the day-to-day design of packaging, POS, printed marketing materials, retailer catalogue ads, Rep Communications, EDMs and online promotional content. 

This is some of my favourite work!

Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer

I think after 2020, we all searched for some more meaning in life and I found that extra piece to my puzzle in illustration and surface pattern design. It was a whole world of design that I was previously oblivious to, and I fell in love. I spent two years working on developing my style and these things always come as a surprise, in my experience. Turns out, I love drawing food and creating cool patterns with them. Each new collection is a fun process of discovery and I’d love to take you on this journey with me. 

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Product Photographer

If you’ve ever worked in small business, you’ll know that a lot of things happen last minute. So there isn’t always time to brief a photographer and go through the whole process to get that perfect image for the (immediately urgent) upcoming campaign. So I taught myself how to take the photos I needed. It’s been a rewarding (and frustrating) process. There’s a lot that goes into getting the perfect image, but it’s been fun figuring out what that is. If you’re in this boat my best tip is – if you have the right tools, everything is easier. Also, get that expensive light that’s been chilling in your abandoned cart.

Here are some of my favourite shots

Graphic Design Educator

What I’m most excited about right now is teaching. I’m posting some short tutorials on TikTok & Instagram and working on more in-depth courses in the background. I can talk about the magic that’s possible in Photoshop & Illustrator ALL DAY LONG, but people have things to do and places to be. So I thought I’d structure it into a format that is easily absorbed, at your own pace. Short courses (and one big one), coming soon.

I need this in my life.
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