A bit Hippy

Why we’re called “A bit Hippy”…

A throwback to the 1960’s generation of non-conformists aka Hippies, we too refuse to conform to high cost, all show no go, and just plain confusing skincare products. Ever walk into a store and just stare at the shelves like, WHAT am I supposed to buy now!? And still have no idea what you just bought or if it is right for you? Us too!

So, our mission is to provide skincare solutions that are easy on your; skin, budget and mind. Breaking it down to only necessary, vegan-friendly, plant derived and clean ingredients. Offering products formulated with evidence based scientific research (not just hip hype), that are simple to add to or update your daily routine (and a few extras ‘cause you deserve a pamper sesh too!).


Art Direction  |  Logo Design  |  Brand Identity Design  |  Packaging Design  |  Product Photography
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