Breakfast – Savoury Edition

Breakfast – Savoury Edition

People have a lot of beliefs around breakfast – some have it as part of an essential, meticulously crafted morning routine, and some haven’t eaten anything before 11am in 6 years. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I think we can all agree that the food items that can be found on a plate of breakfast, are delicious. Who doesn’t like a warm croissant with melting cheese or a trendy avo toast? For me, “breakfast” is an activity that strings together a lot of my favourite memories, and it inspired me to create this collection in an effort to capture that feeling of warmth, comfort, joy and safety that these memories hold. I hope you enjoy feasting your eyes on it!

Category: Surface Pattern Design

Date: June 2022

Tags: Illustration

Breakfast at Sunrise - Colour Way 1

Breakfast for Dinner - Colour Way 2​

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